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Trade Customers

Our philosophy at Blythburgh is to work in partnership with our supply chain customers, meat wholesalers, butchers and chefs, to create a logistics network that makes genuine free range pork consistently available to consumers.

The large retailers in this country are not able to stock free range pork, it’s just not available to them so less than 1% of the pork and pork products consumed in this country is actually free range. By stocking Blythburgh Pork you can gain a genuine point of difference over you competitors that will draw well informed foodies to your door. To be truly different question where your pigs come from, outdoor-reared pork is conveniently offered in most supermarkets so for consumers to make the extra journey make you’re offering something special.

Pork is the most eaten meat in the world for a reason, it’s the most versatile, provides great value for money to consumers and offers the best returns on a restaurant menu. Having made the decision to offer Blythburgh Free Range Pork to their customers some butchers and chefs forget to shout about it. If you use Blythburgh Pork exclusively, please do use our name on your blackboard or menu and when your talk about where your meat comes from on-line feel free to link through to our website. However, if you do choose to offer an additional supply of pork alongside Blythburgh please make that very clear so your customers can make an informed choice.

We do not supply pork directly to butchers and chefs because we are not meat wholesalers or catering butchers, but we are really good free range pig farmers and we think it’s best to stick with that. Nonetheless we are probably best placed to find you a supply chain that works best for you so if you interested in stocking Blythburgh pork in your shop or sourcing it for your restaurant please do make contact using the form below or call the office on 01986 873298.

If you haven’t had the chance please do come to the farm to learn more about why Blythburgh Free Range Pork is so special then please do get in touch. We are proud of what we do and how we keep our pigs and there is no better way to explain why it’s better than to show you in person.

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Find out more about the life of a Blythburgh pig

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