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Butcher Focus

Blythburgh Pigs supply some great butchers and we wanted to share with you some of the great businesses we work with.  It is a big ask to expect consumers to make an extra journey to source their meat from a butcher when most people will already be using a supermarket.

Whether it’s to source Blythburgh Pork or some of the other great products these butchers provide hopefully you’ll agree with us that it’s worth it.

Emmett's Store, Peasenhall, Suffolk

Emmett's has been trading from its original site since 1820. In 1970, Emmett's was awarded a Royal Warrant by HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother for their sweet pickled hams. The store remained in the same family until May 2000, when Mark Thomas bought the business, which he has taken to its current position as one of Suffolk's world class food producers and suppliers. Emmett's is famous for their Suffolk cured ham and bacon, which are all produced on the premises behind the shop.

Aubrey Allen - Leamington Spa

Our free-range pork is sourced from Jimmy Butler’s Blythburgh farm, a family business who are as passionate about welfare as we are.

We only purchase the young, sweet females (known as gilts) from Jimmy and his family. Why? Because we believe it is the very best product for the plate with higher levels of internal fat and a natural sweetness.

The Suffolk air provides a lovely salty flavour and the sandy soils allows pigs to roam and live happy stress-free lives.

immy joined us in 2016 along with a group of chefs to enjoy a talk by the wonderful Temple Grandin (an international expert in animal welfare) and was inspired to take away even more ideas on how to enhance the welfare of the pigs that he rears.

We are proud to take chefs around Jimmy’s farm and have created generations of ambassadors for this Great British free range pork. You can view images from our farm trip here.

Utilising the whole carcass, our butchers craft many products using seam butchery techniques. From Butlers bangers and maple cured rib eyes to french-style pork cutlets.

Find out more about the life of a Blythburgh pig

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