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The Blythburgh Pig

It's All In The Breeding

The Blythburgh Pig is considered by many chefs to be a breed in its own right because of the rich marbling running through the pork that is synonymous with native, slower growing breeds. Our genetics have evolved over many years with patience and dedication to pork excellence. The Blythburgh Pig is built around two key breeds which we manage on farm ourselves breeding all of our own replacement stock.

The Jersey Red Duroc is not just any Duroc, this ginger haired beauty originates from America and has been selected for increased intramuscular fat and improved eating quality for decades. The Yorkshire Large White is the best of the best, originating from England, this calm natured white pig has outstanding mothering abilities and can cope with all the British weather can throw at it.

The People behind the Pork

The Butler family have a vision to establish a pig farm that consistently delivers pork excellence.  They believe to get the best pork you need to put the pig first, but in order to do that you need to be the right kind of people with the right core values.

Find out more about the life of a Blythburgh pig

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