SPRING ON THE FARM Our favourite season of the year! So much more daylight is something to celebrate while the perfect mix of sun and rain means lots of lovely new shoots for our piggies to nibble on.  

“If you know the farmer you can trust the pork!”

Alastair Butler

With 'Horsegate' and it's aftermath still featuring heavily in the press it's important to consider where your meat comes from.  If you use a butcher who sources all their pork from Blythburgh pigs not only is their pork 100% free range but it can all be traced back to one farm.

Our Story

We have been breeding and rearing pigs on the sandy soils of the Suffolk coast for more than 15 years and we want to share with you our story.

Watch Our Film

There are no perceptions here, see for yourself how Blythburgh Pigs are truly free range.