Muddy Boots Foods (Modern Meat Shops) – London

Starting small from their family farm in Worcestershire, Roland and Miranda Ballard now have three, what they class as, modern meat shops in London, and a production factory in East London where they make all their meat products themselves.

They supply Waitrose and Ocado with a few best-selling lines but respectfully turned down Tesco and other large retailers in favour of opening their own shops.  Their first shop opened in North London (Crouch End) in May 2014, the second in Muswell Hill in April 2016 and the third opened in Wandsworth in October 2016.

The shops look very different to a traditional butchers, one customer describes them, “You’re doing with high street butchery what The Body Shop did with chemists…”

Indeed, rather than traditional butchery, all Muddy Boots products are packaged and displayed on shelf as you would find them in a supermarket. No blooded whites or cleavers, they’re all kept in their production factory in East London for those who don’t like that sort of thing. They say people who like traditional butchery should still go to a traditional butchers. They’re interested in the 90% of meat being bought from supermarkets, almost entirely packaged, and trying to offer a real premium alternative to that.

They match the supermarket opening hours (9am to 9pm, 7 days a week) as well as work really hard to match the prices of good meat lines available in supermarkets too.  Their point of difference being they are able to source great quality meat direct from selected farmers and making all of their products themselves, ultimately resulting in the best quality control.

For those consumers who truly care about what they eat, Muddy Boots Foods choose not to use preservatives in their processed products such as sausages, resulting in some products having the same short shelf life as bread or cut flowers.  They have developed an innovative system on their website where customers can reserve and collect freshly produced products to alleviate any practical concerns over not using preservatives and feel genuinely good about the food they eat.



29 Broadway Parade,

N8 9DB.

t 0208 245 4240



126 Fortis Green Road,

N10 3DU.

t 0203 774 7461



509 Old York Rd,

SW18 1TF.

t 0203 583 6151