Great Pork Recipes

Pork is such a versatile meat because you can create magnificent meals from one end of the pig to the other.  Speak to your butcher about the specific cuts and whether its the family roast or a quick midweek supper Blythburgh Pork will excel at every meal occasion.  Link through to some of our favourite recipes for you to try below:

Great pork recipes

Hog Roast Honey and Mustard Hog Roast with spiced Bramley apple sauce and cider bread

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Pan Fried Rump Steak

Pan fried Rump Steak with peppers, tomato and olive confit

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24 hour roast pork shoulder.

24 hour roast pork shoulder


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Delia Smith

Jimmy Butler's free range pork is consistently great quality, the proof is in the taste

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